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Psych1504midterm2008 - Positive Psychology 1504 Midterm...

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Positive Psychology 1504: Midterm Spring 2008 1. According to Csikszentmihalyi, we are more likely to experience flow when: (a) We learn from our failure (b) The challenge posed by the task matches our skill level (c) We perform under maximum pressure (d) We engage in an activity that we find easy 2. In the Langer study (1989) in the old age home, the residents who received extensive care and service from the staff: 3. Active acceptance is about: (a) Accepting our emotions and our actions (b) Acceptance of our actions (c) Allowing ourselves to be mindful of our emotions and the way they impact others (d) Accepting our emotions while choosing the most appropriate action 4. According to Carol Dweck in the article on grit: 5. Which of the following is not a component of grit? 6. Which of the following best expresses Tal's lasagna principle? (a) Persevering through the “wrong” activities can lead one to discover the “right” activity (b) Choosing the right activity at the right quantity leads to the highest quality of life (c) A positive mindset allows us to be happy with any activity (d) Saving the right activity for a later time leads to the highest quality of life
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7. Cognitive therapy is based on the premise that: 8. According to the article “The Winning Edge,” by Peter Doskoch, many large-scale analyses suggest that ___ percent of the differences between individuals in job performance can be attributed to IQ, while personality factors, creativity and luck are said to contribute to the other ___ percent.
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