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Michigan State University DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND MATERIALS SCIENCE CHE 210: Modeling and Analysis of Transport Phenomena Fall 2007 Quiz 1: Solution 1. A 10.0-ft 3 compressed-air is filled by adding air at a rate of 0.0117 lb-mole/s at a constant temperature of 72 o F. Derive the equation for the number of lb-moles of air in the tank [ N(t) ] at any time t . Calculate the number of moles of oxygen in the tank after two minutes. Solution : The balance on the tank gives: Accumulation = input OR 0.0117; 0 at 0 dN Nt dt = == Integration of the equation gives the expression required: () 00 0.0117 0.0117 dN dt N t t =⇒ = ∫∫ Since air is 21 mol% O 2 , we calculate: 2 lb-mol s 0.0117 2 min. 60 1.40lb-mol sm i n . O N =⋅ = 2. An electrical coil is used to heat 20.0 kg of water in a closed well-insulated vessel. The water is initially at 25 o C and 1 atm. The coil delivers a constant power of 2.50 kW to the vessel and its
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