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REVIEW Topic 7 - 1632 Confession Wrote a book in Italian...

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Aristotelian System----------------------------GEOCENTRIC Geocentric Ptolemy made up “deferent” and “epicycles” Consistency Planets and Sun change in size and have different speeds Retrograde motion Stars move about the North Star and don’t change size Copernicus (1473-1543)----------------------HELIOCENTRIC Polish The year he died, he published his book about heliocentric model Good Explains retrograde Size of Solar System and Period of planets Bad Motion on Earth Unfit circular orbits No star parallax Galileo (1564-1642) Professor of Astronomy Pushed Copernicus’ HELIOCENTRIC Roman Catholic Church made the Ptolemaic a doctrine Middle of Inquisition Supernova of 1604 A star grew bright and disappeared Galileo saw star exploding This defied Aristotelian views of matter Telescope 1610 First to use telescope Favors Copernicus views
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Unformatted text preview: 1632 Confession Wrote a book in Italian Church put him in house arrest Kepler (1571-1630) Denmark, poor family Assistant to Brahe Started supporting Brahes model COPERNICUS supporter Discoveries Plants revolve in elliptical orbits Keplers three laws: 1) The orbit of each planet is an ellipse with the Sun at one focus 2) In equal time intervals, a line from a planet to the Sun will sweep out equal areas 3) Periods (T) of planetary revolution are related to their distances (D) from the Sun (D cubed/ T squared = constant) Sir Isaac Newton (1642- 1727) Studied motion through Galileo Developed 3 Laws of Motion Used Kepler to develop Law of Uniform Gravitation Together, these laws provide the mathematical framework for the Copernican System...
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REVIEW Topic 7 - 1632 Confession Wrote a book in Italian...

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