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Michigan State University DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ChE 311: Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Fall, 2007 Homework #3, Due Friday, Sept 21 at the beginning of class 1. In the class momentum correction factor ( β ) and kinetic energy correction factor ( α ) are introduced to eliminate the integrals of macroscopic momentum and mechanical energy balances. They are defined as follows.
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Unformatted text preview: Show =4/3 and =2 for a laminar piple flow. Hint: u z =u max [1-(r/R) 2 ] Solve the following problems from the text 2. Problem 4.1 (page 96) 3. Problem 4.3 (page 96) 4. Problem 4.5 (page 96) 5. Problem 4.8 (page 97) ( ) 2 2 t z A z A u dA u t = ( ) 3 3 t z A z A u dA u t =...
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