311hw2 - Problem 3.1 in the text book(page 66 3 Problem 3.5...

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Michigan State University DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ChE 311: Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Fall, 2007 Homework #2, Due Friday, Sept 14 at the beginning of class 1. Problem 2.13 in the text book (page 43) 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 3.1 in the text book (page 66) 3. Problem 3.5 in the text book (page 66) 4. Problem 3.6 in the text book (page 66) 5. Problem 3.9 in the text book (page 67) 6. Problem 3.11 in the text book (page 67)...
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This note was uploaded on 05/21/2008 for the course CHE 311 taught by Professor Ilsoonlee during the Fall '07 term at Michigan State University.

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