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BCH 401-General Biochemistry Midterm 3 April 17, 2001 Answers are italicized Kaguni Section: questions 1-14 1. Choose the correct statement. An operon is: a. a site bound by an inducer molecule. b. a single gene; a set of genes is called an opera. c. a DNA sequence containing several genes. d. a DNA sequence containing two or more genes expressed from a common promoter. 2. Choose the correct statement. Lac repressor: a. binds to DNA as a monomer. b. functions to repress transcription of araB , araA , and araD genes. c. can bind to allolactose, or the gratuitous inducer, IPTG, to de-repress transcription of the lacI gene. d. can bind to the lac operator sequence in the presence of inducer, but with about 10 3 -fold lower affinity than in the absence of inducer. 3. Choose the correct statement. For eukaryotic transcription,: a. response elements are DNA sequences bound by proteins which regulate the expression of genes that are influenced by different stimuli such as heat shock, hormones, or heavy metals. b. enhancer sequences stimulate transcription of RNA polymerase II and can vary in position but not orientation relative to the start site of transcription to exert their effect. c. the TATA box sequence is recognized and bound by the sigma factor of RNA polymerase to control the start point of transcription. d. RNA polymerase II is composed of 4 subunits ( β , β ', and two copies of α ). 4.
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Exam_3-01_key - BCH 401-General Biochemistry Answers are...

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