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Listening Activities 3.1 and 6.1 - introducing everyone who...

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Listening Activity 3.1 After listening to Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik I and Smentana’s Moldau I noticed that both pieces start out a little bit slow but unlike Smentana’s piece Mozart’s picks up after five minutes. Mozart has very high amplitude in his piece as well as a very disjunct pitch. Smentanas piece is very smooth and very sad sounding; almost the exact opposite of the excerpt from Mozart’s piece. Listening Activity 6.1 Intro (A) Verse 1 (B) Bridge Chorusx2 (C) Verse 2 (B) Chorusx2 (C) Bridge Verse 3 (B) Chorusx2 (C) Exiting Words (D) “Sweetest Girl” by Wycleaf Jean ft. Akon and is popular music. It starts off by
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Unformatted text preview: introducing everyone who is participating in the song with a little background music. It moves in to the first verse than changes lyrics in between verse 1 and the chorus. Repeats the chorus twice and then moves into the next verse does this song. Then following that a chorus is played twice and bridges into verse 3. After another section of the chorus (times 2) there some words a lot like the intro saying goodbye to the performers with a little background melody....
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