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1. Specific Goals of the Course: Computer Architecture Concepts –Instruction Set Architecture –CPU, Memory, and I/O Organizations Interfacing and Communication -Serial and parallel ports –UART, DMA, PI/Timer -Wired and wireless networking Applying μ Processor to Design Systems All are based on one specific commercial embedded processor: ColdFire MCF5208 2. Instructional Methods Used to Reach the Goals: Regular lectures (9:30am-10:45pm, Tues and Thurs) presenting basic concepts and principles of computer architecture and computer designs. The MCF5208 ColdFire microprocessor is used as an example; Pre-designed laboratories (six of them) allowing you to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to design, conduct and analyze experiments. You will work in teams to be trained to do team work and communicate effectively. Open-ended design projects giving you an opportunity to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems, and to design a system to meet a desired need. You are expected to critically evaluate alternative assumptions, approaches, procedures, and trade-offs related to the design project. 3. Facilities Used in The Lab: The facilities in the lab are constantly upgraded to keep pace with the rapidly changing computer technology. For this semester, we are upgrading our lab equipments using the new Motorola ColdFire MCF5208EVB that were released very recently. Monitor program (dBUG) and uCLinux kernel are used as operating systems on these new computers. Application development tools such as CodeWarrior of FreeScale are set up on lab workstations. You are expected to be able to use new techniques, skills and modern computing tools necessary for engineering practice.
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4. Laboratories
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1 - 1 Specific Goals of the Course • Computer...

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