chapter 8 and 9 outlines

chapter 8 and 9 outlines - Dustin Johnson Chapter Outlines...

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Dustin Johnson Chapter Outlines 10/22/07 How Can We Solve the Problem of Crime? What Can We Do? o Public Education and Opportunities Give everyone an excellent education from grade 1 to 12 They will be more likely to pursue legal opportunities that to resort to illegal ones o More Jobs and Opportunities Provide more legal jobs for people Provide child care subsidies for poor people Without this many mothers will not get good jobs or make enough money This well help cut down on mothers from doing things like: prostitution, selling drugs, and shoplifting Raise the minimum wage o Taxes, Corporations, Jobs, and Opportunities Decreases taxes on corporations in exchange for creating more jobs in the United States A drops in corporate taxes will be an incentive to stay in the United States o Unemployment Compensation, Job Training, Job Placement, and Crime Increase unemployment compensation for people who lost their jobs Provide better job training for people who lost their jobs and are looking for a new one Become more efficient at placing people in jobs that open up o Skilled Trades and Opportunities Place more emphasis on skilled trades in public high schools This gives kids who don’t want to or can’t go to college a path that will provide them with skills that can get them a good paying job o Decreasing Inequality and Increasing the Standard of Living Decrease inequality so the poor and near poor have a decent standard of living Also non poor Americans should want this so that the poor are not committing crimes like robbery, burglary, and car theft o Health Care and Less Crime Having a health care system would decrease inequality and would therefore provide a base for a decent standard of living, thereby decreasing the incentive for people to
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chapter 8 and 9 outlines - Dustin Johnson Chapter Outlines...

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