chapter 10 outline

chapter 10 outline - Dustin Johnson Sociology 2100 Chapter...

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Dustin Johnson Sociology 2100 Chapter Outline 10/29/07 How Can We Solve the Problem of Health Care? Consequences of Our Problem o We have resisted going to a national health care system, in which results in millions of Americans without any health insurance Put off going to doctors and dentists until their situations are so serious that they cannot put them off any longer o People that can’t afford health care go through much more pain and discomfort o 18,000 adults die each year because they lack health insurance o Adults miss work days and lose pay o Students miss school days, are in danger of getting lower grades, and can’t participate in student activities o Elderly living in poverty or near have to use whatever little social security money and retirement money they have to pay for prescriptions, meaning they have less money to pay for rent, transportation, and other expenses. o Corporations need to pay for health care for their employees, which in turn makes them raise their product price to help pay for the insurance o The final consequence is that all Americans face the constant pressure of rising health care costs Why Don’t We Have a National Health Care System? o Vested Interests Doctors, dentists, drug companies, and health insurance companies want to make money “The failure of national health care lies in the fact that comprehensive reform threatens powerful, wealthy interests” o Political Power Fear of losing one’s political power is another barrier to creating a national
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chapter 10 outline - Dustin Johnson Sociology 2100 Chapter...

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