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neuromancer essay - J. Webster Gordon Professor Bracken...

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Unformatted text preview: J. Webster Gordon Professor Bracken 1/28/2008 Neuromancer Essay: The disembodied user William Gibsons Neuromancer is a novel that takes a pessimistic look at the future, and creates a society that feeds on technology. In the book the human body is referred to as meat, a term that makes the body seem like little more than a capsule for a mind that can interact with technology. By referring to the body in such a way that lessens the apparent need for physical existence, William Gibson creates a world where a disembodied connection with technology is key to happiness. There are a few examples of disembodied existences in the book, and they all are shown in a positive light, showing that Neuromancer fully subscribes to that dream and vision. One great example of a disembodied person who has a strong connection with technology because of it is McCoy Pauley. He fits this description in two ways. The first is that during his life he made a living as one of the most accomplished cyberspace cowboys that the net has ever seen. His job requires that he leave behind his physical body and jack in to the matrix. The use of the word cowboy by Gibson in describing the work Pauley does is...
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neuromancer essay - J. Webster Gordon Professor Bracken...

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