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Magnetic Field Lab

Magnetic Field Lab - Magnetic Field Lab Web Gordon Abstract...

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Magnetic Field Lab Web Gordon 4/29/08 Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to measure the Earth’s magnetic field at our location in Schenectady. We also set out to determine the dip angle of that field at our location. We calculated this by measuring the deflection of a north-pointing compass when an electromagnetic field was applied to it. The value we found for the Earth’s magnetic field in our classroom was 4 1.77 10 - T. Introduction: The Earth itself has a magnetic field, likely associated with electric currents in the Earth’s core. This field dips downward to points on the Earth’s surface at an angle called the dip angle. We will be measuring the strength of the horizontal component of this dip angle using a device called a galvanometer, a small compass at the center of several coils of wire with electric current running through it. The magnitude is calculated using the equation 0 2 4 H NI B R μ π = .
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