Great Ideas in Western Music

Great Ideas in Western Music - Great Ideas in Western Music...

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Great Ideas in Western Music MUS 189 B Spring 2008: TR 8:00-9:15am 150 Center for the Performing Arts Instructor: Dr. Eric Varner Office: 103 CPA Email: Office Phone: (513) 529-3221 Course Objective To develop new listening skills in order to gain a greater appreciation for a large variety of music, both live and recorded. The course will focus on Western Art Music, in a chronological fashion. We will place compositions in their appropriate historical contexts, and spend time learning about the lives of great composers. We will also focus on how the European Classical Tradition has influenced nearly all of the music we hear today. Required Texts 1. Machlis and Forney, The Enjoyment of Music, Shorter Version (including 4-CD set) Tenth Edition 2. Barber, David W, Bach, Beethoven and the Boys, Music History As It Ought To Be Taught . Sound and Vision, 1996. Grading There will be a total of 1000 points in this class, divided between assignments and exams in the following way: 1. 10% Quizzes (100 points) There will be four short quizzes and one take-home assignment during the semester. The quizzes will mostly focus on listening and identification. Each quiz will be worth 20 points, or 2% of your final grade. The take- home assignment will constitute the remaining 20 points. 2. 60% Exams (600 points) The exams will consist of true/false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank questions, as well as extensive listening and identification. Students will be expected to be able to identify pieces, composers, and to answer specific questions about various compositions, applying the listening skills
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Great Ideas in Western Music - Great Ideas in Western Music...

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