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Andrew Gutierez GEO 241 1/21/08 Alaskan Gold Rush Being from California, I wanted to understand where specifically gold was found back in the 19 th century. Looking at this map of Alaska and the yellow shade marking where gold is to be found is pretty neat. It’s almost as if I would want to go to Alaska or even California, and look for gold. To many of us in the Bay Area, the Gold Rush was one of the most important parts to the beginning of the city of San Francisco. People still flock up to the Sierra Nevada to look for gold. This map really makes me want to explore Alaska and search for gold, since it looks like an experience of a lifetime. Even going to some of the old mines, up in California, or in Alaska. Gold is a mineral that is almost impossible to find now since a lot of it has been excavated and found back during the
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Unformatted text preview: gold rush. It’s also interesting to understand where these prospectors and 49ers were when they were looking for gold. Looking at the map it looks like most or all of the gold found in Alaska is in the mountain ranges, not near the peaks but in the ridges. The gold is especially found near the rivers and creeks that run off from the mountains. There is also a north west east and south compass on the map including the borders of countries, and the Pacific Ocean. There are markings of rivers and mountain ranges, and I love how the yellow is clearly marked with writing that says “Gold District”. The gold isn’t scattered throughout the state, it’s more in a line and stretches almost across the entire middle section of Alaska, and it does spill into parts of Canada....
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