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Organizational Behavior wk 1

Organizational Behavior wk 1 - Crystal LeBoeuf 1 2 3 4 Week...

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Crystal LeBoeuf March 25, 2008 Week 1-O.B. 1. List the name of the program and its date and time of broadcast. 2. What industry is the primary focus of the program? 3. What industries or occupations are of secondary focus in the program? 4. What exact job categories or occupational roles do the main characters in the program play? Use this list to categorize your answers: managerial; clerical; professional; sales; service; craftsperson; machine operator; laborer; lawbreaker; military personnel; customer/patient/client; housework. 5. Write several paragraphs describing how organizational life is portrayed in the program. For example, is it fun or boring? Does it involve conflict or cooperation? Are people treated fairly? Do they seem motivated? Is work life stressful? NOTE: This asks for several paragraphs - a short answer will not suffice. To adequately answer the question, your answer must be at least 200 words in length. Please do not include the premise or the storyline of the particular show or episode. I'm only interested in how the organizational aspects of the show
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