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Bio 220 Syllabus - BISC 220 (General Biology: Cell Biology...

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BISC 220 Course Description, Spring 2008 Page 1 of 6 BISC 220 (General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology) – Spring 2008 Course Description and Policies Catalog Description Biological Sciences 220L – General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology (4, Sp ) In-depth survey of key topics related to advances in our knowledge of cellular biology and physiology; cell composition/metabolism; gene action; organism structure and function. (Duplicates credit in BISC 110L, BISC 111L, and BISC 221L.) Recommended preparation: high school chemistry; BISC 120L or BISC 121L. Instructors William McClure, CEM 204, 213-740-9181, Albert Herrera, HNB 116, 213-740-9177, Laboratory Manager Pam Lum, ZHS 362, 213-740-6078, Textbook Biology , by Campbell & Reece, 7th edition, 2007 , by Pamela Lum and Arpine Shakhbandaryan, Pearson Custom Publishing. Clickers You must obtain a “TurningPoint ResponseCard RF Clicker.” This has been USC’s standard clicker since Fall 2006, so you may already have one or can borrow one for the semester. New clickers can be purchased at the Bookstore for about $28 plus tax. Note that they are available at the registers, not on the shelves. After the course, you may elect to keep your clicker for use in another course, or sell it back to the Bookstore or another student. You may obtain your clicker from other sources, but it must be the Turning Point ResponseCard RF. Other versions of the Turning Point clickers will not function properly. For further information, see By the time of the fourth lecture, on Wednesday, January 23, you must obtain your clicker and register it on a web site that will be accessible via Blackboard. The registration site will be posted during the first week of classes, and we will announce when it is available. Registration will enable us to identify each clicker with a particular student. Thereafter, each student must only use her or his registered clicker throughout the semester. Use of another student’s registered clicker will be considered a violation of academic integrity. Summaries of results will be displayed immediately, to give instructors feedback on your understanding of the material and to help you assess your own comprehension relative to others in the class. A total of 40 points will be awarded for use of clickers to answer questions presented during lecture (1 pt/lecture). In order to accommodate any problems with a clicker (dead batteries, cat ate mine, forgot it, was sick, etc.) we shall allow each student four days of non-participation; i.e., you need use your clicker for only 36 of the available 40 days of class to get full clicker credit. No excuses will be accepted for further non-participation.
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BISC 220 Course Description, Spring 2008 Page 2 of 6 Answering clicker questions is an important aspect of class participation. We will grade your
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Bio 220 Syllabus - BISC 220 (General Biology: Cell Biology...

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