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Learning Objectives - General Biology 102 Part III:...

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General Biology 102 Part III: Evolution (Dr. Morrison) Learning Objectives for Readings in Johnson & Losos, The Living World , 5 th edition Tracing Evolutionary History 1. Describe major trends and milestones in the history of the Universe and life on Earth, including the many different kinds of evidence scientists use to reconstruct evolutionary history. Include possible explanations for mass extinctions (e.g., changes in environment, asteroid impacts, and influence of humans) and adaptive radiations (e.g., key innovations and unfilled adaptive zones). (Lecture timeline and 26.1) 2. Outline a hypothetical sequence of events in molecular evolution that could have lead to the origin of life (prokaryotic cells). Include the role of Miller's laboratory simulations of "primordial soup," dehydration synthesis, RNA, ribozymes, and polypeptide microspheres. (19.1, 19.2) 3. Outline a plausible sequence of events leading from prokaryoyes to multicellular eukaryoyes, including evidence supporting the “endosymbiont” theory for the origin of eukaryotic cells (20.1). 4. Compare the evolutionary history of reptiles (26.6) and mammals (26.8) before and after the asteroid
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Learning Objectives - General Biology 102 Part III:...

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