02-28-08 Psych 115 Lec 16

02-28-08 Psych 115 Lec 16 - connect to the three ossicles...

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02-28-08 Psych 115 Lec 16 If we shine light to one eye only – will we see optic light reflect on the other side of the eye? Yes, because the nucleus on one side will affect the nucleus of the other, usually if we shine on one eye, the other response less. It is called Concurrent Optic Light Reflex . If you’re blind, will you still have optic light reflec? Yes, any place in the midbrain might be a cause for the vision, any of them is damaged is still possible to generate optic light reflex. Audition Anatomical structures: Pinna, timpanic membrane = ear drum, sound waves cause the ear drum to vibrate, it is then
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Unformatted text preview: connect to the three ossicles, connected to the cochlea, which is then connected to the CN VIII for audition. In the cross-section of the cochlea: Hair cells contain in the basal membrane, bend themselves in the tegtorial membrane. hair cells contain some pertrusion to the tectorial membrane. Depolarization occur not only due to influx of K but also Ca. EPSP occur when tip link bends. Higher pitch tone, different sound goes to different part of the cochlear....
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