03-03-08 Psych 115 Lec 17

03-03-08 Psych 115 Lec 17 - - rat will kill the mouse...

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03-03-08 Psych 115 Lec 17 Change reading assignment from 451 – 510 451 – 479 + 494 – 502 Aggression and Violence Def: Any behavior that is designed for/ associated with presenting aversive stimulation to another organism. 3 major types of behavioral situation of violence 1. Isolation –induced (aggression) 2. Pain-elicited - Delivered painful stimulation to one subject (i.e. using electric-shock) 3. Muricidal - mouse is placed in closed chamber with a rat
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Unformatted text preview: - rat will kill the mouse Physiology involved for Violence Skeletal muscle Cranial nerve sympathetic nervous system CNS limbic system: amygdala + hippocampus + cingulate cortex Review of limbic system Papez circuit Interconnection f : Neocortex: Cingulate cortex hyppocampus [fornix] - hypothalamus (emotional regulation) anterior nuclei of thalamus...
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