02-26-08 Psych 115 Lec 15

02-26-08 Psych 115 Lec 15 - Eye structure containing retina...

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02-26-08 Psych 115 lec 15 Cervical part of the spinal cord Containing both of the pathways, with nucleus gracilis and cuneatus. Midbrain Containing reb nucleus and substantia nigra Sensory pathway Both using 3 neuron chain Decussate at different levels Among of tissue assigned is referred to how much receptors/ nucleus in the sensory area Special senses Vision Visible light , exist roughly between 400-700nm, ranging from blue/violet to red
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Unformatted text preview: Eye structure: containing retina cranial nerve II – transmit light to electrical transduction Blind spot – where it does not photoreceptor, a place where the optic nerve connect 2 types of receptors : rods and cones Cones = responsible for light, fine detail Rods = more sensible to dim light...
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