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C H E M 1 1 0 N a m e : A u t u m n 2 0 0 1 S e c t i o n : FINAL EXAM 1. Read the following statements and mark True (T) or False (F) next to each question. (i) A HYPOTHESIS is the final explanation of an observation ____________ . (ii) THEORY is developed from tested hypothesis and provides an overall explanation of some aspects of nature _____________ . (iii) A THEORY, once established, never changes _______________ . (iv) 0.0000043 is the same as 4.3 x 10 7 _____________________ . (v) A kilometer has 10 9 micrometers ______________________. (vi) 100 o C is hotter than 100 o F or 100 K___________________. (vii) 115 o C is the same as 239 o F ______________________ . (viii) Volume = Mass x Density _______________________. (ix) A liquid has no fixed volume ___________________ . (x) Distillation is a process that separates insoluble solids from liquids__________________.
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(xi) B is a symbol for the element Barium ________________. 201 (xii) A 80 Sr has 121 electrons in its neutral form ___________ . (xiii)
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110sample_exam_Sample-Final-chem110Aau04 - CHEM 110 Autumn...

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