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1 Mayank Mehta NEURO 1660 Lecture 15 Lecture 15 Cortical Plasticity Cortical Plasticity 1. Mehta, Neuroscientist , 2001 2. Buonomano & Merzenich, Annual Rev. Neurosci , 1998 3. Livingstone, 1998 5. Ahissar & Abeles, Science 1992 7. Quirk, Muller, Kubie, 1990 8. Mehta, TINS 2004 Mayank Mehta NEURO 1660 Cellular and synaptic Cellular and synaptic properties properties Neuronal networks, Neuronal networks, Receptive Fields . .. Receptive Fields . .. Behavior, Behavior, Disease Disease •Can the conditions required for inducing synaptic plasticity occur during behavior? •What are the emergent properties of synaptic plasticity on the receptive fields? •How does the plasticity of receptive fields relate to behavioral learning? ? ? ? ? 1 10 4 10 14 10 -4 s 10 0 s 10 3 s Mehta, Neuroscientist 2001 Mayank Mehta NEURO 1660 Plasticity induced by removal of sensory inputs D M P 5 4 3 2 1 Removal of sensory inputs from ventral parts ( glaborus glaborus ) of ) of digits D1 and D2 digits D1 and D2 De De -affrented affrented areas are silent for areas are silent for at least one day at least one day Intact digits take over de Intact digits take over de - affrented affrented areas within 22 days areas within 22 days White areas: Ventral, Hatched: dorsal, White areas: Ventral, Hatched: dorsal, Black: silent Black: silent Mayank Mehta NEURO 1660
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Lecture_15_03_20_neuro_1660 - Lecture 15 Cortical...

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