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Lecture_10_02_29_neuro_1660 - Parietal cortex space...

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1 Mayank Mehta, NEURO1660, 2008 1 Parietal cortex: space, planning and attention Parton, Malhotra, Hussein, ‘Hemispatial neglect’, J. Neurol. Neuosurg. Psychiatry, 75, 13-21 (2004). Hilgetag, Theoret and Pascual-Leone, ‘Enhanced visual spatial attention ipsilateral to rTMS-induced ‘virtual lesions’ of human parietal cortex’. 9, 953-957 (2001). Colby & Goldberg, ‘Space and Attention in parietal cortex’, Annual Reviews of neuroscience, 22:319-49 (1999). Mayank Mehta, NEURO1660, 2008 2 Dorsal and Ventral Streams Dorsal stream, parietal cortex ‘Where’ or object location Ventral stream, IT cortex ‘What’ or object identity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorsal_stream Colby, Goldberg Ann rev neurosci 1999 Posterior intraparietal cortex (PIP) Medial intraparietal cortex (MIP) Lateral intraparietal cortex (LIP) Ventral intraparietal cortex (VIP) Anterior intraparietal cortex (AIP) Mayank Mehta, NEURO1660, 2008 3 Hemi-spatial neglect and parietal cortex Damage to the right parietal cortex: Inability to detect objects on the left (contralateral) side. Multimodal hemispatial neglect Parton, Malhotra, Hussein, J. Neurol. Neurosur. 2004 Mayank Mehta, NEURO1660, 2008 4 TMS produces contralateral hemispatial neglect, and ipsilateral hemispatial enhancement TMS induced transient reduction of excitability of either the left, or the right or both parietal cortices. Reduced stimulus detection on the contralateral side. Enhanced stimulus detection on the ipsilateral side with right hemisphere stimulation! Competition between the left and the right parietal cortices?
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