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General Chemistry Notes BASIC CONCEPTS: Electrical Properties of Aqueous Solutions o Electric current: flow of charged particles (electrons, to be specific) In order to have electricity, there should be positive and negative ions in the solution Anion : negative ion Cation : positive ion Flow of current happens when an electrode is put in the solution Electrode: electrical conductors connected to an electric source o Anode : electrode connected to the +ve pole of the source o Cathode : electrode connected to the –ve pole of the source When the electrodes are immersed in an ionic solution, the anions are attracted toward the anode, and the cations to the cathode. o Example of the power supply = a battery anion cation + -
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General Chemistry Notes ! o Conductivity depends on how much ions are dissociated in the solution. In
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Unformatted text preview: other words, whether the compounds will stay as compounds or become charged ions to create an electric flow o Electrolyte : the solute present in the solution whose amount of dissociation determines the conductivity solutions of ionic compounds conduct electricity more ionic = more conductive conductivity varies from compound to compound strong electrolytes completely dissociate into ions solutions strongly conduct electricity typical compounds: soluble ionic compounds strong acids weak electrolytes incompletely dissociate into ions solutions weakly conduct electricity typical compounds: weak acids nonelectrolytes no dissociation solutions don't conduct electricity typical compounds: molecular compounds...
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GenChem-ElectricalPropsOfAqueousSolutions - other words,...

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