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pm2 - Statistics 103 Winter 2008 Practice Midterm 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Statistics 103 Winter 2008 Practice Midterm 2 Students whose last names start with A-H should go to 6 Wellman Hall. You can bring 1 page of handwritten notes. Please bring calculators, pens/pencils and bluebook(available at bookstore). Please write your name, student ID and section no. PROBLEM 1 Indicate (with a short argument whenever possible) whether the following state- ments are TRUE or FALSE : (a) In order to compare two unbiased estimators of the population mean one can use the mean squared error as a criterion. (b) Central limit theorem tells us that if a certain number of random variables have the same mean and variance then their average has a normal distribution. PROBLEM 2 Suppose X has a marginal distribution p X (1) = 0 . 3 ,p X (2) = 0 . 4 and p X (3) = 0 . 3 and Y has a marginal distribution p Y (0) = 0 . 3 and p Y (1) = 0 . 7. Assume that X and Y are independent. (a) Find the joint distribution p X,Y ( x,y )....
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