ACS 2007 11

ACS 2007 11 - Not valid for use as an USNCO Olympiad...

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Unformatted text preview: Not valid for use as an USNCO Olympiad National Exam after May 1, 2007. Page 1 2007 U. S. NATIONAL CHEMISTRY OLYMPIAD NATIONAL EXAM—PART II Prepared by the American Chemical Society Olympiad Examinations Task Force OLYMPIAD EXAMINATIONS TASK FORCE Arden P. Zipp, State University of New York, Cortland Chair Sherry Berman-Robinson, Consolidated High School, IL David W. Hostage, Taft School, CT Peter E. Demmin (retired), Amherst Central High School, NY Adele Mouakad, St. John’s School, PR Marian Dewane, Centennial High School, ID Jane Nagurney, Scranton Preparatory School, PA Kimberly Gardner, United States Air Force Academy, CO, Ronald O. Ragsdale, University of Utah, UT Preston Hayes, Glenbrook South High School, IL Todd Trout, Lancaster Country Day School, PA DIRECTIONS TO THE EXAMINER–PART II Part II of this test requires that student answers be written in a response booklet of blank pages. Only this “Blue Book” is graded for a score on Part II . Testing materials, scratch paper, and the “Blue Book” should be made available to the student only during the examination period. All testing materials including scratch paper should be turned in and kept secure until May 1, 2007, after which tests can be returned to students and their teachers for further study. Allow time for the student to read the directions, ask questions, and fill in the requested information on the “Blue Book”. When the student has completed Part II , or after one hour and forty-five minutes has elapsed, the student must turn in the “Blue Book”, Part II of the testing materials, and all scratch paper. Be sure that the student has supplied all of the information requested on the front of the “Blue Book,” and that the same identification number used for Part I has been used again for Part II . There are three parts to the National Olympiad Examination. You have the option of administering the three parts in any order, and you are free to schedule rest-breaks between parts. Part I 60 questions single-answer multiple-choice 1 hour, 30 minutes Part II 8 questions problem-solving, explanations 1 hour, 45 minutes Part III 2 lab problems laboratory practical 1 hour, 30 minutes A periodic table and other useful information are provided on the back page for student reference. Students should be permitted to use non-programmable calculators. DIRECTIONS TO THE EXAMINEE–PART II DO NOT TURN THE PAGE UNTIL DIRECTED TO DO SO. Part II requires complete responses to questions involving problem-solving and explanations. One hour and forty-five minutes are allowed to complete this part. Be sure to print your name, the name of your school, and your identification number in the spaces provided on the “Blue Book” cover. (Be sure to use the same identification number that was coded onto your Scantron® sheet for...
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ACS 2007 11 - Not valid for use as an USNCO Olympiad...

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