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Physics 9B-A Problem Solutions #3 Cole [Q16.1] When sound travels from air into water it speeds up by a factor of 10 due to the larger bulk modulus. The sound waves in the water are generated by the sound waves in air which means the water will vibrate at the same frequency the air is vibrating against the water. The frequency, thus, does not change. Because the speed increases in water and the frequency stays the same, the wavelength becomes longer. [Q16.12] The amount of energy absorbed does not play a major role in the decrease in the amplitude with distance. The energy absorbed depends linearly on the distance r from the source so it decreases the intensity by 1/ r ; however, because the energy must be spread over an area which grows as 4π r 2 , the intensity decrease as 1/ r 2 due this effect. [Q16.21] The bow wave of the jet represents the forward edge of the sound from the jet, so A can see the jet but not hear it. B is getting hit with the shock and is hearing a sonic boom. C hears the normal sound waves of a jet. [P16.20] a) Use one quadruplet as the reference intensity : β = () = 10 4 6 db db log I I o o . b) To increase another 6 db, would require 16 babies (16 Iø/4Iø) or 12 more babies. [16.40] Use f vv f toward away L L s s = ± m . a) f v f LA L A = = 344 15 344 392 Hz = 375 Hz.
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03prob - Physics 9B-A Problem Solutions #3 Cole [Q16.1]...

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