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Physics 9B-C Midterm 2 Solutions Cole [1] a) True b) all c) blue d) False e) all f) 0 g) Pascal's h) rise i) double j) decease. [2] Let the thickness of the plate be t . First get the phase difference. Light reflected from the top will be inverted at reflection from the glass which is a shift of π. The ray transmitted into the glass will experience a shift due to the 2 t path difference yielding a phase difference of φ π λ = () 2 2 n t . For maximal reflection ƒ = m(2π) , but we don't know m . The solution is to see that because the two wavelengths experience successive maxima, the difference in phase between the two is 2π; hence, φφ ππ 12 2 2 2 22 = = n t n t Solving for t: 2 11 1 tn λλ = õ t n = = 1 2 1 2152 1 477 1 540 6 1 1 .. nm nm = 1334 nm = 1.334 ª 10 -6 m. [3] a) (2 pts) The net amplitude goes tail to head so b) (10 pts) From the second figure we draw
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