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Spartan Political Structure - 1 Chris Brown Classics 201...

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1 Chris Brown Classics 201 -- Section 1. November 19, 2007. Dr. Tandy/Sutherland “Separation of Powers: Sparta’s Triumph” Politics is defined as; “the study of government of states and other political units,” From this one should look more into the government of the state . Roman and Spartan political structures have had a primary role in shaping the political and governmental styles that are prevalent in today’s world . For example the Spartans were one of the first groups of people to use Gerousia an early form of democracy and in contrast, the Romans were some of the first to successfully use a republic system of government . By seeing where certain political styles failed and others succeeded, it fostered a superior method of government which we use today . Both Spartan and Roman political structures started in the same way, as a monarchy, both tried different styles of government and politics however, Spartan politics separated powers which lead to a political stability in their government. As with many governments, a series of Checks and balances were in place so that no person had too much power, this was no different in the Spartan system . The Spartans first type of government and rule was a monarchy (Pomeroy et al . 103-109) . The monarchy was divided between two men in a dual kingship. Similar to other countries, their monarchial style was hereditary (103) . This dual kingship broke apart different aspects of the executive branch . One king was in charge of and served as, “commander-in-chief of the armed forces,” (103) the other
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2 took charge of the religious and judicial aspects . Kings were looked upon as “moral exemplars” and were viewed as the measure of leadership, courage and self-sacrifice (103) . Another important piece of the Spartan monarchy was that if in fact one king was killed the other took over in order so that the executive state would not collapse similar to our chain of command with presidents and vice-presidents (103) .
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