Bishop & Brodkey Personal Responsibility

Bishop & Brodkey Personal Responsibility - Bishop...

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Bishop I. West Virgina’s Medicaid Plan—West Virginia is planning to ask residents who are eligible for Medicaid b/c of low income to sign documents outlining “member responsibilities and rights.” A. Terms and Conditions 1. Signing means agreeing to take their medications, keep appointments, and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits 2. Patients who don’t uphold agreement will have benefits reduced B. State will track 4 indicators, but doesn’t specify standards for determining successful adherence to these criteria 1. Do patients participate in health care screenings ? 2. Do they “adhere to health improvement programs” as directed by health care providers? 2. Do they keep their medical appointments? 4.. Do they take their medications? C. Who approved it? Who else is doing it? 1. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 3. CMS administrator Mark McClellan says “Medicaid enrollees in WV will now became part of an emerging trend in health care that empowers patients to make
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Bishop & Brodkey Personal Responsibility - Bishop...

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