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Stand and Deliver presentation

Stand and Deliver presentation - Stand and Deliver Group...

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Stand and Deliver Group Presentation Questions Intro This movie takes place in Los Angeles, CA, in 1982. The students in the movie attend Garfield High School in Los Angeles. They refer to themselves as "Chicano" or Spanish. They are from working class families, and they are not expected to attend college. However, their math teacher, Mr. Escalante, shows them how to defy the common misconception that they are not smart. He pushes them to work hard, and eventually all of them excel. They dedicate themselves to learning Calculus, so they can take the AP test and get college credit. When they finally take the test, and do extremely well, they are accused of cheating. They are forced to retake the test to prove to everyone that they are top students. How was the teacher portrayed? Mr. Escalante is portrayed as an extremely dedicated teacher. He dedicates his own free time so that his students can learn Calculus in time for the AP test. example: His wife makes comments at Christmas dinner about how he never has time for them anymore and he is even going to spend some of Christmas vacation teaching his class. Escalante jokes around with his students a lot, but he is also very tough at times. He whips them into shape and makes them become more responsible adults.
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