Q&A2 - strategy for both B2B and B2C activities,...

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* Please number DOWN on the page. * Answer ONLY true or false. * It's easier for me if you type your answers directly on an e-mail, but it's up to you. * Don't forget the 2 essay questions at the end. * If you need clarification on something PLEASE ASK! True/False (2 points each): 1. E-business is the same as e-marketing. 2. A process that consists of buyer-seller communication in which the consumer controls the type and amount of information received from a marketer is interactive marketing. 3. The goal of a marketing web site is to provide customers with company history, information on products, locations, and employment opportunities. 4. Electronic storefronts are where companies offer items for sale. 5. A good marketing department can easily use the same
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Unformatted text preview: strategy for both B2B and B2C activities, thereby increasing company efficiency. 6. Hospitals, churches, colleges and museums form a component of the B2B market. 7. The segmentation of B2B markets should use all the same elements as B2C segmentation. 8. The price of bananas goes up significantly and the demand drops drastically. This is an example of inelastic demand. 9. Off-shoring is a synonym for outsourcing. 10. Levi's produced in the U.S. could sell for $50 here, but sell for around $100 in Japan. Exporting this product to Japan is an example of dumping. Essays: 11. 2 points List some challenges associated with online marketing and e-business. 12. 3 points What is the WTO and what are the pros and cons of such an organization? (Just list them, please.)...
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Q&A2 - strategy for both B2B and B2C activities,...

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