Case Study#1 - Case Study #1 Upon visit to Ford's...

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Case Study #1 Upon visit to Ford’s environmental views webpage, I immediately saw the phrase “We believe good business can and should be environmentally and socially responsible.” This seems to be the attitude that inspired Ford’s new upcoming line of eco-friendly vehicles in addition to their services to the community and environment. Ford is investing billions of dollars to develop new vehicles that will emit less carbon dioxide. Along with these new vehicles, Ford has developed the double component “Greener Miles” program. The first component is the “TerraPass Program”. This program allows the Ford owner to calculate the carbon dioxide emission amount. The second component is called “Eco- Driving”. This is an interactive learning module that teaches drivers maintenance and driving habits to help conserve fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition to developing new technologies that promote a healthy environment, Ford has also developed new eco-friendly recreation centers. Ford has used the Allen Park Clay Mine Landfill for over fifty years. When it finally reached it’s capacity, the company decided to make a retail and recreational center called “Fairlane Green”, a 243-acre site of natural greenery, parks trails and businesses. Fairline green as already been awarded certification as a “green” location, along with several other buildings Ford has helped develop. I would suggest that Ford stays consistent with their concern of the environment. The general population has recently gained a sudden awareness of our environment’s
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Case Study#1 - Case Study #1 Upon visit to Ford's...

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