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W6OutlineLec16 - No signals apoptosis Ligands...

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Luis David Gomez 59866865 Bio 192 D103 Cell Biology Week 6 Lecture 16 Outline 2/13/08 Signaling II Why is signaling needed? Because cells developed a lipid bilayer. --development of plasma membrane creates isolated environment Need to interact with environment 4 General Principles of Signaling 1. Stimulus 2. Receptor 3. Transductor 4. Effector 2 Response Times of Signaling slow —mins to hours—requires transcription of RNA to create new proteins (translation) cause altered cytoplasmic activity altered cell behavior fast —less than sec to hours: NO new transcription/translation! use of kinases or phosphatases altered protein function cytoplasmid activity cell behavior Response to diverse stimuli
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Unformatted text preview: No signals apoptosis! Ligands =Stimili (molecules, viruses, light, gases, a.a., proteins, nucleotides, steroids) cannot penetrate selectively permeable plasma membrane Receptors —almost always proteins, transduece signal to inner cell Types of Signals autocrine—release of ligand that acts on the own cell paracrine—(endocrine) ligand acts on adjacent cells (over larger distance) (Vit D) Nuclear/ (Steroid/Hormone) Cytosolic/Surface Receptors all have DNA, ligand binding domain and activation domain (to recruit RNAP) What happens when one of these domains is mutated? NLS—masked or exposed masked on Cytosolic—cc by binding of ligand unmasked on Nuclear...
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W6OutlineLec16 - No signals apoptosis Ligands...

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