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W8OutlineLec21 - cycle(Details in Lec 21-work by regulating...

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Luis David Gomez 59866865 Bio 192 D103 Cell Biology Week 8 Lecture 21 Outline 2/27/08 Cell Cycle 1 The difference between a blue whale (130 tons) and a bumble-bee bat (2g) is # of cells! Hence, cell cycle growth regulation. Function Important for Development—making new cells= proper growth Maintenance Essentials Increase cell size—higher than Cell Critical mass to have enough organelles for daughter cells to function Provide (faithful) copy of genome malfunction leads to anuploidy (high/low genome count) Ex: Down’s To make more membrane you have to start with some membrane Overview of Cell cycle=interphase+mitosis Mitosis : shortest phase G1 : Growth phase. Without growth, the cells simply divides and divides (in same area) G0 : Cells are not DEAD! They are still undergoing respiration, signaling, etc. The are terminally differentiated Multiple checkpoints during cell
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Unformatted text preview: cycle (Details in Lec 21)-work by regulating Cyclin/CDK Is a cell cannot stop from going from G0 to G1? It would • Get huge • Possible get cancer GENERAL OVERVIEW (BASIC Description) – Basic principle of control of cell cycle involves production of kinase activity at different stages during cell cycle – Cyclin+CDK complexes that vary throughout cell cycle – CDK does not work without proper cyclin – Cyclin concentration rises/falls throughout cell cycle – Degradation of cyclins Is very important (for progress through cell cycle) by ubiquitination – CDK are present ALL the time, Cyclin concentration reaches a threshold and CDK activity is TURNED ON – Cyclin must be broken down before going on to cell cycle Mitogens: cause cell division (mitosis) Growth Factors: increase cell mass (protein synthesis)...
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