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Luis David Gomez Week 9 Lecture 24 Outline 59866865 Bio 192 D103 Cell Biology 3/5/08 Mitosis and Cytokinesis Things to do --Overview 1. No new protein synthesis after entry into mitosis better retain proteins required for life immediately after cytokinesis ! 2. Condense chromosomes before trying to separate them think you can quickly separate many balls of unwound string ? 3. Disassemble nuclear envelope can you connect chromosomes to the centrosomes while the nuclear envelope is in between them ? 4. Ensure that sister chromatids can be reliably and quickly sorted one per daughter cell how can we make a dynamic scaffold that allows us to assemble and move chromosomes ? 5. Ensure that a set of chromosomes and adequate organelles are partitioned to each daughter cell better make sure that you divide the cell in the right place !
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Disassemble the scaffold, reform the nuclear envelope, allow chromatin to reorganize • How to accomplish this without significant new protein synthesis ? Review Details S-Phase: Sister Chromatids=duplicated chromosome held together by centromere (where kinetechore is formed) Interphase: Centriole+ gamma tubulin + pericentriolar maxtrix (RNA, other proteins) = Cetrosome, which replicates during this phase Prophase: Half-Life of Microtubules: decreases from 10 min to .5 min High levels of Stabilizing map during interphase, LOW levels of stabilizing map during mitosis Dissassembly of Golgi: CDK-1 Phosphorylates GM-130 (t SNARE) so that p-1115 (v SNARE) cant recognize each other DNA Condensation Sister Chromosomes held together by COHESIN Once mitosis occurs, CONDENSINS package DNA closer...
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