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Luis David Gomez Week 9 Lecture 25 Outline 59866865 Bio 192 D103 Cell Biology 3/7/08 Mitosis 2 nd Half Microtubules—all MT are recruited for mitosis’s metaphase, so cell becomes round (loses cytoskeleton) Astral- -pull on cell membrane, in effect, pulling cell apart Kinetechore—pull chromosomes apart, attach at same time Interpolar—span from one centrosome and the other centrosome
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Unformatted text preview: Know motor proteins, but don’t worry about the numbers. After anaphase (chromosomes separate) the only thing holding chromosomes together is COHESIN Seperase+ securing (inactive) APC/UNPHOSPHORYLATED Cdc Active Separase = Cleaves cohesin Cytokenesis Meiosis Wait until next monday...
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