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Luis David Gomez Week 10 Lecture 27 Outline 59866865 Bio 192 D103 Cell Biology 3/12/08 Apoptosis—regulated cell death Only Metazoans (multiple cell organisms) Each hour millions of cells die within the gut and bone marrow This is a very controlled critical function Inhibition/Excess of Apoptosis leads to cancers, Parkinson’s, and are characteristics of viral infections and AIDS Features of Apoptosis Flipping of phophoserine lipids to face exoplasm Chromatin condensation DNA laddering—nuclease activity Cell shrinkage Cellular fragmentation No cellular rupturing (never) No inflammatory response—to cell rupturing
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Unformatted text preview: • Engulfment of dead cells • Typically affects single cells Features of Necrosis • No chromatin condensation • No DNA laddering • Cellular rupture • Inflammatory response • Typically affects groups of cells Small Molecules involved in Apoptosis 2 Pathways for Caspases These proteins are NOT synthesized when the cell is programmed to die, they are always around and kept inactive and systematically turned on. Cell Extrinsic/ FAS Signaling (white blood cells) BCL2—mitos releases Cytochrome C Reactions Procaspases+ Procaspases cleavage Active capsases...
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W10OutlineLec27 - • Engulfment of dead cells •...

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