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W2OutlineLec6 - Species 2 add to cells which attach to...

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Luis David Gomez 59866865 Bio 192 D103 Cell Biology Week 2 Lecture 6 Outline 1/ 18/08 Cytoskeleton—General Principles Similar to our skeleton—3 Different Types of Fibers Action, MT, Intermediate Filaments Function Shape—Support Structure Movement—change of shape of the cell, and within the cell How do you do staining? Each cellular structure, such as organelles, are characterized by presence of specific marker proteins (ex: a-tubilin for microtubules) Purify Protein Inject into animal induces immune response, creates antibodies—from antigens Antibodies will lable particular structure If you know where the protein is, you can infer where the structure is located! Double-Stain Procedure DNA uses specific dyes 1)make antibody to protein (the protein is the antigen) in Species 1 add to cell (cells is fixed) 2) make antibody to 1 st antibody (called secondary antibody) add attach fluorescence in
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Unformatted text preview: Species 2 add to cells which attach to antibody #1 3) Excitation Repeat another set of antibodies for other part (organelle of cell) What are the advantages of using secondary antibodies? Colors are not a matter of taste--less visible proteins are stained red Cytoskeleton Response to external Signals e- microscopy reveals structure antibody staining reveals identity of protein Treadmiling Actin concentration is between critical concentration If concentration is very high it is not treadmiling Function: Provides flexibility Is G-actin (globular actin) symmetric or have polarity? Questions Which cytoskeletal structure is required to move mitos? Compare Similarities and Differences between cytoskeletal elements What sizes are the 3 types of cytoskeletal elements...
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W2OutlineLec6 - Species 2 add to cells which attach to...

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