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Luis David Gomez 59866865 Bio 192 D103 Cell Biology Week 5 Lecture 13 Outline 2/6/08 Review (No new Material or lecture slides) Actin treadmilling Cc+<CCcyto<Cc- affinity is different on the ends of an actin filament Ccyto regulations Cofilin- destabilizes minus end Profilin- activates actin, ATP to ADP Ccyto is determined by sequestering, capping, stabilizing proteins GTP Cap of MT gtp hydrolysis is slower than subunit addition remember a, B tubulin both have GTP on them the GTP cap therefore builds up as a result of slow hydrolysis Once all GTP has been hydrolyzed (B subunit) the MT becomes unstable and breaks
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Unformatted text preview: down Dynamic instability GFP DNA is introduced, creates a fusion protein it is not ENDOGENOUS colocalization-are two structures in the same place? Immunoflourescence primary antibody secondary antibody if primary and secondary antibodies bind together then they display a signal! ER Import SRP recognizes signal sequence/hydrophobic domain +++ charges stay on the cytosolic side Test! 10 MC 4 Short Answers Similarities/Differences between channels/pumps Hydrophobicity Plot Problem like the HW-15 AA domian GFP/Antibody problem...
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