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Bio D103: Cell Biology Bio. Department Tutoring Winter 08: Week 2 Lectures 4-6 Review 1/23/08 Wed. 1-3:00 SH157 In one week, you finished covering action potentials, briefly covered mitochondria and introduced treadmilling! These are very important concepts (with lots of potential midterm questions) so we will cover AP and the mitos this week and actin and treadmilling next week. Action potentials 1.) What ions are responsible for making creating the membrane potential? What proteins are responsible for propagating an action potential? 2.) Considering your answer above, draw the best rendition of the ions and proteins involved in an action potential.
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Unformatted text preview: To help you out, here is a lipid bilayer! (Lecture 4 Slide 11) (Hint: This will help you visualize what channels and pumps are involved and, more importantly, how they open/close or function. Exterior Cytosol 3.) Action potentials are unidirectional because A) Ligand-gated K+ channels are only stimulated at one end of the neuron B) Voltage-gated Na+ channels open quickly C) Voltage-gated K+ channels open slowly D) Voltage-gated Na+ channel undergoes a refractory state E) B, C and D Mitochondria 4.) What is the main function of mitochondria and how is mitochondrial DNA inherited? 5.) What is the proposed evolutionary pathway for mitochonria?...
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