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LuisWk10ans - The mitotic spindle during mitosis is...

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Bio D103: Cell Biology Bio. Department Tutoring Winter 08: Week 10 Lectures 24-25 3/12/08 Wed. 1-3:00 SH157 1. Wee1 is an inhibiting kinase for the cyclin-cdk complex. The phenotype for a mutant that lacks Wee1 activity will be: a. Small cells because of premature S-phase exit b. Small cells because of decreased G 2 c. Elongated cells because of increased G 2 d. Elongated cells because of increased G 1 Wee 1 is an inhibitory kinase that phosphorylates CDK at an inhibitory site. If Wee 1 is mutated then a cell will not stop at the right checkpoints long enough for the cell to grow. A small cell size is a sign of a Wee 1 mutant. 2. Which of the following statements is true regarding how motor proteins organize the mitotic spindle during prophase? a. At least 7 different kinesins and 1 dynein are needed b. Dynein helps pull asters toward the cell cortex c. Randomly growing polar microtubules are aligned via unusual end kinesin motors d. All of the above
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Unformatted text preview: The mitotic spindle during mitosis is composed of several different aspects: During which stage of the cell cycle is the chromosome content of a mammalian liver cell 1 n ? a. G 1 b. S c. G 2 d. none of the above During the cell cycle, DNA content in mammals is 2n, diploid. After S2 phase, once the DNA has been duplicated it is 4n, tetraploid. Only after meosis is DNA content is 1n, one copy of each chromosome. If the spindle assembly checkpoint malfunctioned and the cell begins anaphase before microtubules attached to kinetochores on both sister chromatids, what is the result? If proper spindle assembly does not occur, then NONDISJUCTION would be the most likely result. What is the role of p53 in mediating the cells cycle arrest in cells with DNA damage? p53 binds to the regulatory region of p21 gene, activating its transcription and synthesis of p21 protein that holds CDK/cyclin temporarily inactive...
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