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ENGR_183_W08_Course Description - Engr 183: Engineering and...

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1 Engr 183: Engineering and Society CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Professional and ethical considerations in the practice of engineering. The impact of technology on society and on the development of moral and ethical values. Contemporary environmental, biological, legal and other issues created by new technologies. OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE: To better prepare UCLA’s engineering students to understand and deal with the social and ethical issues they will face as professional engineers and as citizens of a technology dependent democracy. To increase awareness and knowledge of the impact of technology and engineering on society, historically and at present. To introduce contemporary moral and ethical principles and provide an historical perspective on their origins and evolution, including the contributions of science, engineering and technology to this evolution. To introduce contemporary societal issues involving technology, to promote a critical and informed assessment of them and to encourage continued education in this direction. To provide guidelines for dealing with ethical factors in the context of the individual, team, project, corporate and societal environments that surround the practice of engineering. To provide experience in working on a multi-disciplinary team to research and solve a contemporary problem JUSTIFICATION: The National Academy of Engineering has called for increased educational attention to the subject of Engineering Ethics (see The Bridge , vol. 32, number 3, Fall, 2002, an issue devoted entirely to the subject). This is not because engineers are unethical, but because of the issues they will deal with in the 21 st Century. NAE identifies the need for education regarding “macro ethics” (broad social and environmental issues) as well as “micro ethics” (dilemmas faced by individual engineers), and suggests a curriculum that includes a required course in ethics plus
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This note was uploaded on 03/06/2008 for the course ENGR 183 taught by Professor Weltman during the Winter '08 term at UCLA.

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ENGR_183_W08_Course Description - Engr 183: Engineering and...

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