In-Class Excercise #2: More on the Church Supper Outbreak

In-Class Excercise #2: More on the Church Supper Outbreak -...

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E PI 420: S ESSION 4 C LASS E XERCISE Revised 4/6/2008 Page 1 of 1 More on the Church Supper Outbreak Use the data from the outbreak of acute gastroenteritis in Oswego County, NY to answer the following questions. Suppose that church supper-goers tended to eat both cake and vanilla ice cream. This would make it difficult for us to tell whether or not the cake or the vanilla ice cream caused illness. In this situation, one way to analyze data is to divide the data into groups based on one of the exposures of interest. This is called stratification . Analyze the data using stratification – divide the supper- goers into groups based on whether they did or did not eat cake. Then, divide each group into those who
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Unformatted text preview: did and did not eat ice cream. Finally, divide into groups by sick or “well” persons. Persons who ate Persons who did not eat Food Total # # ill Total # # ill Cake 40 27 35 19 Van. Ice Cream 54 43 21 3 1. Complete the flow chart. Be sure to include #s. Ate Cake N = 40 Ate Vanilla Ice Cream N = 36 Interviewed Supper Attendees N = Sick N = 26 Well 2. Using the same data, fill in the table below and compute the attack rates among those that did and did not eat cake. Cake No Cake # Exposed # Ill Attack Rate # Exposed # Ill Attack Rate Vanilla Ice Cream No Vanilla Ice Cream...
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