Homework #5: Randomized Control Trial Problem Set

Homework #5: Randomized Control Trial Problem Set -...

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Epidemiology 420 Session 11: Review of an Experimental Study Revised 04/29/2008 The purpose of this exercise is for you to have an opportunity to review and critique an experimental study. Please read the following article and prepare answers to each of the questions for discussion section. Article: RH Gray, G Kigozi and D Serwadda et al., Male circumcision for HIV prevention in men in Rakai, Uganda: a randomised trial, Lancet 369 (2007), pp. 657–666. Introduction: 1. What was the hypothesis of this study? 2. What were the benefits of doing this study if cross-sectional and prospective studies had already been done to address this hypothesis? Methods 3. What type of study is this? 4. Describe the source of the study population. 5. Who was included in the study? Who was excluded from the study? 6. What was the exposure of interest? How was this measured? 7. What was the outcome of interest? How was this measured? 8.
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