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EARTHQUAKES AND NATURAL DISASTERS, GEOL 171 EXAM #2 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2005 Instructions : Use a #2 pencil. On the bubble sheet, print and darken the NAME and 7-digit ID # at the appropriate spaces and bubbles; LEFT JUSTIFY the ID #. (If we have to manually enter your grade due to incorrect darkening of name or ID # bubbles, 3% will be subtracted from your grade for this exam .) There are 80 questions, most of them offering 4-5 possible choices. Choose the one you believe best fits as an answer. Read each question carefully before selecting the best answe r. Save the exam as a study guide for the final exam; key will be posted on Blackboard. Good Luck 1. If basaltic lava reaches the sea or a lake, it cools rapidly into ______________. A. blanket lava B. pillow lava C. sheet lava D. bed lava 2. Many hill-slope masses are weak due to preexisting geologic conditions that include all except _________________. A. rock layering dipping less than topographic slopes B. structures within the rocks, such as fractures, ancient faults, and thin clay seams C. ancient slide surfaces D. rock layering dipping more than topographic slopes 3. The dissolution of limestone _____________ . A. is aided by the presence of carbon dioxide in ground water B. is the main source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere C. is hindered by the presence of carbon dioxide in ground water D. consumes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere 4. External processes that increase the odds of a slope failure include all but __________________. A. steepening the slope B. removing support from low on a slope C. evaporation of soil moisture D. adding mass high on a slope 5. The largest known tornado is the: ____________ . A. Jarell, Texas, May 27, 1997 B. Tri-State Tornado, March 18, 1925 C. The Super Outbreak, 3-4 April, 1974 6. The viscosity of magma is increased by ____________. A. increasing temperature B. increasing SiO 2 content C. all of the choices are correct D. none of the choices are correct
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7. Silicon and oxygen link up to form the silicon-oxygen ________________. A. tetrahedron B. hexahedron C. dihedron D. trihedron 8. Active volcanoes today in Oregon and Washington, including Mt. Rainier, result from ___________________. A. the subduction of the Pacific plate beneath North America. B. spreading of the Juan de Fuca ridge C. heat generated by friction on the San Andreas Fault D. the subduction of the Juan de Fuca plate beneath North America 9. Which one of the following natural disasters causes the most deaths per year in the US? A. earthquakes B. meteorite impacts C. volcanic eruptions D. mass movements E. severe weather 10. The sum of all the underlying causes can push a slope to the brink of failure, and then an immediate cause may trigger the movement. Triggers for mass movements include all except ________________.
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