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EARTHQUAKES AND NATURAL DISASTERS, GEOL 171 EXAM #2 TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 2008 Instructions : Use a #2 pencil. On the bubble sheet, print and darken the NAME and 7-digit ID # at the appropriate spaces and bubbles; LEFT JUSTIFY the ID #. (If we have to manually enter your grade due to incorrect darkening of name or ID # bubbles, 3% will be subtracted from your grade for this exam .) Multiple choice questions offer up to 5 possible choices. Choose the one you believe best fits as an answer. Read each question carefully before selecting the best answe r. Save the exam as a study guide for the final exam; key will be posted on Blackboard. Good Luck 1. The 17 January 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles was generated on a _______ fault. A. normal D. upside down B. blind thrust E. strike slip C. reverse 2. The dominant type of faulting in the Rio Grande Rift is ________________. A. normal faulting D. transform faulting B. strike slip faulting E. reverse faulting C. thrust faulting 3. When the part of California west of the San Andreas fault plows into Alaska it _________________. A. will become subducted beneath Alaska's southern margin. B. will become part of Alaska's southern margin C. will turn and head westward along Alaska's southern margin D. will turn into a spreading ridge, changing the direction of movement of the Pacific plate. 4. A genuine success story of advance warning before a large eruption occurred in the Philippines in 1991 before the climactic eruption of ___________________. A. Popocatepetyl D. Nevado Del Ruiz B. Mt. Pinatubo E. Mont Pelée C. Mt. Mayon 5. When rock heats and liquefies into a magma its volume _______________. A. decreases and neighboring brittle rock collapses to make up for the loss of volume B. expands, and neighboring brittle rock must fracture and move out of the way C. does not change 6. In 1883, this volcano exploded and the resulting tsunami killed 36,000 people. A. Pelée D. Mt. St. Helens B. Santorini E. Vesuvius C. Krakatau
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7. The number of "hot spots" worldwide is __________________. A. no more than 10 D. only 4 B. about 50 E. about 20 C. more than 100 8. Over _________ of volcanism is associated with the edges of tectonic plates. A. 60% D. 70% B. 50% E. 90% C. 80% 9. Most of the really large earthquakes in the world are due to ______________________. A. normal faulting B. thrust faulting within a single plate C. strike slip motion between plate boundaries D. subduction of tectonic plates 10. Hot spots under the continental lithosphere fuel __________ volcanic eruptions ;those under oceanic lithosphere fuel __________ volcanic eruptions. A. peaceful / explosive C. explosive / explosive B. explosive / peaceful D. peaceful / peaceful 11. The two most frequent causes of death from volcanic eruptions are A. pyroclastic fall (bombs) and lahars.
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