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earthquakes chpt 9 study guide - Chapter 9 Volcano Case...

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Chapter 9 Volcano Case Histories: Killer Events 1. In 1883, Edvard Munch created his famous painting The Scream after witnessing a blood red sky over Oslo, Norway, caused by the eruption of ___________. A. Laki Volcano, Iceland B. Vesuvius Volcano, Italy C. Stromboli Volcano, Italy D. Krakatau Volcano, Indonesia E. Pinatubo Volcano, Philippines 2. The jokulhaup that occurred in 1996 in Iceland _________________________. A. melted part of the ice cap, releasing a flood that at its peak flowed as the second largest river in the world B. filled the harbor of Vestmannaeyjar with lava C. released poisonous gases that killed most of Iceland's cattle and sheep, leading to famine D. was triggered by a magnitude 6 earthquake E. produced a lahar that buried 5 small towns 3. Active volcanoes today in Oregon and Washington, including Mt. St. Helens, result from ___________________. A. heat generated by friction on the San Andreas Fault B. the subduction of the Juan de Fuca plate beneath North America C. the subduction of the Pacific plate beneath North America. D. spreading of the Juan de Fuca ridge E. None of these are correct. 4. The two most active Cascade Range volcanoes over the past 4000 years are _________________. A. Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams B. Mt. Shasta and Mt. Jefferson C. Mt. Baker and Mt. Hood D. Lassen Peak and Newberry Volcano E. Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Shasta 5. Many of the deaths at Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980 were related to __________________. A. the earthquake that preceded the eruption B. people being overcome by fast-flowing basaltic lava C. ash fall hundreds of miles away D. suffocation from a carbon dioxide cloud E. the effects of lateral blast
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6. Violent causes of death from volcanic eruptions include _________________. A. pyroclastic flows B. tsunami C. lahars D. poison gases E. All of the choices are correct. F. None of the choices are correct.
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earthquakes chpt 9 study guide - Chapter 9 Volcano Case...

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