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BISC 300L Second Midterm Exam 10 November 1998 _________________________ Please put your NAME on all pages (and check to be sure you have all pages)! 1. A. Outline the steps in the process of development and production of pharmaceutically important proteins from transgenic animals. (5 points) B. Why is it a good idea to have the products produced in milk rather than meat? (2 points) 2. Match the word or phrase in Column 2 with the most appropriate word or phrase in Column 1 ( 1 point each) Column 1 Column 2 _____ Calvin Benson Cycle A. accessory pigment _____ denitrification B. ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase _____ phycobiliprotein C. anaerobic respiration
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3. Explain why fermentation reactions always, without exception, produce reduced products. (i.e. never result in only carbon dioxide). (5 points) (10 points) 4. Place a “+” or a “-“ in the columns below to indicate whether each of the following processes or structures are either present or not in: Cyanobacteria Other Photosynthetic bacteria Non-cyclic electron flow (Z-scheme) Produces O 2 Cyclic photo- phosphorylation Bacteriochlorophyll Chlorophyll a 5. A. List 4 antibiotics that target bacteria and their modes of action. Be sure to explain why each one inhibits bacteria specifically (8 points).
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