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BISC300L Midterm 1. 9/30/02 Question 9 (Dr. Susskind) ______________________________ YOUR NAME 9. (10 pts total) (a) (4 pts) (Fill in each blank with one word.) In the reaction above, _______________________ is being oxidized to form _______________________, AND _______________________ is being reduced to form _________________________. (b) (3 pts) As discussed in class and in the text, living things have three general methods of making ATP. List them. They have to be spelled correctly.
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Unformatted text preview: (c) (1 pt) When lactic acid bacteria grow by fermentation, using glucose as an energy source, they carry out glycolysis to produce pyruvate and then the reaction shown above. Which of the three methods of making ATP are they using? (d) (2 pts) ATP has already been produced in the reactions leading to pyruvate. Why is it necessary for lactic acid bacteria to convert pyruvate to lactate in order to grow by fermentation? Why don’t they just produce pyruvate?...
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